Why Failing To Choose Your Own Title Insurance Is A Huge Mistake

the liberty to choose your own independent title insurance


Independent title insurance gives you the best freedom of choice– but you must claim the opportunity or risk an expensive mistake. Many property buyers don’t realize that you can lower your closing costs by choosing your title coverage. Even more buyers are oblivious to this decision being in their hands. Liberty, when ignored, can cost you big. Take control of your property costs as we at Tryon show you why this choosing your own independent title insurance is important.


You should be shopping for savings

Property is an expensive asset, so you should be shopping for the best value wherever you can. Comparison shopping is essential to saving money when choosing a title company. However, most people make the mistake of not shopping at all.

You have the freedom to find a company that provides the amenities you need at a price you can afford. After all, you likely shop for all other insurance, so why not shop around for independent title insurance?


The preferred company isn’t always the best option

The preferred insurer of your lender is a common choice for title insurance. That said, it’s not always the wise choice.

Usually when insuring your title, your mortgage lender will recommend a specific title company. Many buyers fall into the mistake of using their lender’s preferred title company. This preferred title company may not be the cheapest, nor the best value. You’ll find that you’re far more pleased with your insurer if you take the time to speak up and choose it.


You need an accessible insurer

Ease of contact with your insurer is just as important as the cost. You’ll want to guarantee that if problems with your title arise, you can effortlessly discuss the situation with your insurance provider.

Having a company that is local and approachable is important to your peace of mind. You should know the hours your company can be reached. Additionally you should know whether you’re dealing with a larger company versus a smaller more intimate company. A good company makes it easy to contact them during reasonable hours and discuss issues on a personal level.


independent title insurance checklist


You need an insurer that meets your needs

Your unique situation may require special attention that only some insuring companies are capable of. It’s wise to plan ahead and consider what service features you may need down the road.

For instance, you may be an attorney that needs quick turnaround times on certain legal searches. A good provider for you would carry access to a record database that can execute this research rapidly and effectively. If you’re a homebuyer and have a normal 8-5 work schedule, you’ll want a provider who can chat with you during late hours or early mornings. Think ahead and you’ll thank yourself later.


Takeaways on choosing independent title insurance

In summary, we’ve covered a few of the strong benefits of choosing your title insurance for yourself. To recap, we discussed that it’s wise to engage in comparison shopping for the best savings. On that note, you will also find that you want to include your lender’s preferred company in your comparisons. If you plan for your potential needs while shopping, you’ll find the best value in both price and service.

In the interest of your successful property purchase, we at Tryon Title are here to help you understand this process. If you have questions or want help with comparative browsing, we are an independent title insurance agency positioned to put your needs before all else. Contact us by setting up a chat, and we’ll be happy to get you closer to a great closing process.