What Is An Independent Title Insurance Agency?

independent title insurance agencies save you moneyIf you’re shopping to insure your property title, you’ll want to know about independent title insurance agencies. These agencies give you– the customer– the biggest savings on your insurance coverage. Sometimes we could be talking hundreds of dollars in cash saved. We’re sure that spiked your interest, so if you’re curious why and how these people help you, feel free to read onward! We at Tryon Title want you informed to make the best decision for your property. As always, we’ll get you started with the basics. 


Title insurance policy 101

To fully understand the advantages of independent title services, you must first understand how insurers operate. We’ll start by describing the main activities of a title insurer: the title search and underwriting.

What is a title search?

The title search is simply an investigation of documents that reveal if your property belongs entirely to you.

Whether your title’s previous owner didn’t pay taxes or the title was forged, there are many issues that you may not be aware of. A title searcher works within an insuring organization to find any nasty surprises that disrupt your property ownership.

What is underwriting?

Underwriting is a process of checking and resolving any ownership flaws in your title’s history.

The documents revealed in the title search may contain any number of problems. An underwriter, like a title searcher, works within an insurer’s team. They work to prevent any potential claims to your property before they arise.


Title companies vs. title agencies

Now that you understand who works at an insurer, it’s time to learn where these insurance gurus work. Underwriters and title searchers traditionally work in either: a title company or a title agency.

Title companies

A title company works as the core insurer that directly issues policies to the current title owners and lenders.

Underwriters and title searchers are directly employed by this organization. This means they have incentive to serve the company’s needs above all else. There are 4 major American companies: Fidelity National Mortgage, First American Corporation, Old Republic National Title Insurance Company, and Stewart Title Guaranty Company. However, there are many others as well.

Title agencies

A title agency is a subcontractor of a title company that provides title services before the title company issues the final policy.

Title service providers like the underwriter and title searcher can also be directly employed here. These agencies usually– like most businesses– have the same motivation to serve the company and its financial partners before all else. However, there are exceptions: namely independent insurance agencies.


the benefits of working with an independent title insurance agency


What sets an independent title insurance agency apart?

No conflicts of interest

You’ll find that an independent insurance agency does not have any financial ties to specific title companies. What this means is that their continued business relies solely on good customer relationships.

In other words, you as the title owner are their biggest incentive. With your best interests at heart, they encourage comparative shopping to find you the best insurance price.


Title agencies are simply more plentiful in numbers than title companies, meaning there are more located near you. This allows you to get to  know your underwriters and title searchers (as well as other staff) personally. Additionally, you have the added benefit of the team being members of your community–you might already know some of them!

Convenient and accessible

Being local, this makes a title agency’s service more convenient to speak with. As a bonus, these organizations traditionally carry smaller teams. This prevents you from getting lost in the crowd as just another number. A more personal experience almost always guarantees a better result, and title insurance is no exception.

Time saving

Without conflicts of interest, independent title agencies can allow you to shop around with comfort and efficiency. They tend to work with many title companies, getting access to data that will save you big when time comes to purchase. You don’t have to search for deals yourself: it’s a one-stop shop experience. They give you a great service experience while you shop around for the best title company.


Save yourself the trouble: keep your insurance independent.

When you go independent, you have more options. Options and well-informed minds work better than peanut butter and jelly, and save you just as much dough. But don’t just listen to us: we at Tryon Title encourage you to shop around and discover the truth. If you want to learn more, let’s set up a chat. We’ll show you why our service is one of the most reliable in North Carolina.