Tryon Express Guide: How Tryon Express Works

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As real estate paralegals and attorneys know, closing on a house requires juggling a multitude of tasks. Between research, faxing documents, updating memos, and the communication back-and-forth between all involved parties — all these tedious tasks add up to lost time and productivity. After working for years in the title insurance industry, we wanted to create a solution to help consolidate tasks and benefit every aspect of a North Carolina Real Estate paralegal’s job.

Many of our Title Specialists have worked as paralegals ourselves, so we understand the pain points nearly every Real Estate Paralegal faces. In response to these common complaints, we created a web portal called Tryon Express to help benefit paralegals across North Carolina.

Tryon Express aims to increase productivity by consolidating the following tasks, which are commonly tedious, repeated, or time-consuming.

  1. Inputting the same data into multiple search engines: Tryon Express offers an internal search function, which automatically saves the paralegal’s research. So instead of searching through several databases and copying the information into one place, Tryon Express saves you a step by allowing for both searching and saving data.
  2. Balancing communication between multiple parties: Paralegals are often “grand central station,” the hub of all real estate closing communications. This means relaying a lot of information. The lender sends you a fax, which you send to your attorney; then your attorney dictates a response, which you email to the lender, who forwards it to the buyer. Not only can this lead to a lot of miscommunication, it also slows progress and creates a lot of stress. We designed Tryon Express to take on the role of “grand central station,” so all messages, emails, and research can be found in a single location.
  3. Staying late at work, waiting for a response: With all of the back-and-forth of messages, phone calls, and faxes, it’s often the paralegal who gets stuck at work at 7pm, waiting for an important fax or phone call. Tryon Title stays open until 8pm, and Tryon Express works 24 hours a day. At the very least, we can promise you won’t be staying until 7pm waiting on your Title Insurance or information. We’re working right alongside you, and aim for 15-minute turnaround times.
  4. Waiting for slow, unreliable fax machines: Some title companies and real estate companies are slow to accept technological advances, with many stuck to “the way things have always been done.” Tryon Express aims to take real estate transactions into the 21st century, eliminating the need for slow fax machines, which can eat away up to 10 or 20 minutes of precious work-time. The Tryon Express web portal allows for all communications to come to one place, allowing for instant, real-time communication between all involved parties.
  5. Discovering messages have been passed along inaccurately: Isn’t it frustrating to discover the carefully-typed email you sent to the lender has been misinterpreted, and that the wrong message was then shared from the lender to the buyer? Now, you have to take even more time trying to clean up the miscommunication. By providing a one-stop hub for all communications, Tryon Express allows paralegals to simply upload their message, and everyone involved (lenders, buyers, attorney, and seller) can all see the original message, leaving far less room for inaccuracies.
  6. Filling out multiple forms with the same information: Tryon Title’s web portal has one form — and that’s all! Once you fill out the one form, all the data is saved and can be pulled into any other search functions or messages you send.

At the end of the day, this all adds up to a lot of saved time, removing the need for tedious work and allowing more freedom for paralegals.

How does Tryon Express Streamline the Real Estate Closing Process?

At the end of the day, we built Tryon Express to save time, increase accuracy, and ease stress.

How does it work?

Once a paralegal submits the preliminary opinion, our software can directly integrate the document with Tryon Express. Our software creates a file and pulls the data directly into the web portal, where its stored for any parties to utilize.

This is the big secret behind our rapid turn-around times. The data is already in our system, so we don’t have to key it in all over again; plus, it improves accuracy since our title experts don’t have to re-type all the information.

We also created Tryon Express to help paralegals with organization. Our web portal updates to show the status of each file a paralegal has with Tryon Title. So as you’re balancing multiple files, emails, and communications, if you lose your way a bit and forget whether or not you’ve sent our the final title opinion, Tryon Express can show you.

Because so many members of our team have once been paralegals themselves, we can completely empathize with which services can most benefit paralegals. We created our web portal to help decrease turn around times in returning commitments, help organize information, increase accuracy, and make life easier for real estate paralegals across North Carolina.

Tryon Express: A break down of how we save you time at each step

Step One: Requesting a Prior Policy

It begins when the paralegal requests a prior policy. Our Title Specialists receive the request via email, then open the file and complete the search. Tryon Express integrates with our email and pulls all the form information into Tryon Express. Since the form is auto-filled based on information sent by the paralegal, our turnaround time is quicker and our information is more accurate. Our Title Specialists will do a quick search, and Tryon Express will then send an automated email to the paralegal, explaining the search results.

Step Two: Creating a Preliminary Opinion

The paralegal can then go back into Tryon Express and create a Preliminary Opinion. Our software speeds up the process by pre-populating the form with information that’s already been input from the initial form.

Once the paralegal submits the Preliminary Opinion, Tryon Express will automatically send a copy via email in both MS Word and PXT. The PXT file will allow the paralegal to import previously-entered data into SoftPro, which saves time repeatedly typing the same information.

Tryon Express will also receive an email notification letting us know an order has been submitted.

Step Three: Title Commitment

Tryon Title will complete the title commitment and email it back to the paralegal. At this point, if the paralegal needs any revisions on the commitment, they can jump on the Tryon Express portal, open their file, and make any desired changes. This alerts the Title Specialist that updates have occurred, so they can quickly revise the document and email a revised Commitment.

Step Four: Closing

Once the paralegal has closed on the property, they can go back on Tryon Express and submit a final title opinion. Once again, pertinent information from the preliminary opinion pre-populates onto the final title opinion–to save you time! The Title Specialists will immediately receive another email notification of the submitted final opinion, so we can issue the final title policy.

Learn More About Our Title Insurance Solution

Our title insurance professionals are passionate about helping real estate paralegals and attorneys find a faster, simpler way to complete closing process. If you’d like to learn more about Tryon Express, our automated online title insurance tool, feel free to learn more here, or give one of our agents a call at 919-277-0123.