Top 7 Resources for North Carolina Real Estate Paralegals and Attorneys

Real estate paralegals are professional jugglers. As the liaison between your attorney, the buyer, the realtors, and the lenders, we find ourselves facing multiple deadlines with rapid turnaround times. The stakes are high, so mistakes aren’t an option.

Staying organized and on-track for closing is key, so it helps to have a toolbox of online resources and apps to simplify your life. So we’ve pulled together a collection of our favorite online tools, apps, and blogs to help you balance your paperwork, research, and client communication.

1. Easy Printable Title Forms

Right off the bat, we’ve compiled a list of all the forms you’ll need for a real estate closing. Instead of searching through you files, just bookmark this page. The paperwork is neatly organized to be printed one right after another.

2. Tryon Express: A Tool for Real Estate Paralegals

For North Carolina paralegals, we’ve created an online platform to keep all your real estate paperwork organized. Simply sign-in, type the information in once, and it’s saved permanently. Paralegal work is tedious and repetitive, so our tool aims to remove as much monotony as possible and save time.

3. North Carolina Paralegal Association

The North Carolina Paralegal Society is a not-for-profit organization governed by a group of volunteer paralegals, which aims to promote and enhance the paralegal profession. Their site has everything from a list of upcoming workshops and conferences, to a certification and mentoring program, to a library of forms and research. They can even connect you to scholarships or new career opportunities.

4. Black’s Law Dictionary

Black’s Law Dictionary is an app containing over 43,000 legal terms for quick reference. The original Black’s Law Dictionary was a print publication, utilized for over a century by lawyers and paralegals. Now it’s a pocket-tool for easy research.

5. Burton’s Legal Thesaurus

Like peanut butter and jelly, a dictionary needs to be paired with a thesaurus for maximum results. Burton’s Legal Thesaurus improve the accuracy and efficiency of legal documents, memos, and work correspondence. This app has over 8000 legal terms, definitions, and synonyms at your fingertips.

6. The Paralegal Society

The Paralegal Society is a blog that aspires to “orchestrate a much needed change in the social aspects of education, mentorship and camaraderie for paralegals throughout the country.” If you’re searching for a community of paralegals, a place to ponder the philosophical ethics of your job, or a relatable rant about a paralegal’s daily struggle — this place is for you.

7. In-House Title Council for North Carolina Real Estate Paralegals

Because North Carolina doesn’t allow for rate shopping for title insurance, a title company needs to stand out by staying at their desks just as late as you’re at yours. If you’re working late when the lender’s fax comes in, and you need the title documents processed before you can go home, Tryon Title is right there with you. With six underwriters and a 15-minute turn-around, many of our employees understand exactly the struggles a paralegal faces because we’ve been there, too.

To make a paralegal’s life easier, Tryon Title has an In-House Title Council as a resource for title legal information. If you’ve got a tricky legal question, we can find the answer. Give us a call at 919-277-0123 or explore our online portal to organize all your title documents.