Ways To Save Big On Title Insurance Cost In NC

pink piggy bank for saving on title insuranceThe cost of title insurance should not be a financial burden. However, the insurance industry isn’t always wallet-friendly. You— as the property buyer— always deserve the best value for your insurance. Since your lender isn’t always playing in your favor, we at Tryon Title will provide you tips to get the most for your money. Are you a North Carolina home or commercial property owner? Take some time to get savvy with our budget-minded tips on insuring your property title.


Always ask about any available discounts

Ask your closing attorney if he or she can locate a previous title insurance policy on the property issued within the last 15 years. If so, you will be eligible for a re-issue rate credit up to a 50% discount off of the premium. Also, unlike every other type of insurance on the market, title insurance premiums are a one-time payment at closing and you’re covered as long as you own the property. You’ll never pay recurring premiums!