Paralegals: 5 Ways Tryon Express Makes Real Estate Closing More Efficient

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As real estate paralegals and attorneys know, closing on a house requires a lot of paperwork and tedious research, especially when it comes to title insurance. All those tedious tasks add up to a lot of lost time and productivity.

Every paralegal has been there. Thirty minutes before the end of day, the real estate agent submits paperwork, requesting it be finalized before going home. Surprise — you’re working late! Now comes the stressful scramble, calling around to find a title insurance agency that’s open, then waiting for them to get back to you with a title commitment.

Unfortunately, the repetitive tasks, while simple, really impact productivity. Little by little, paralegals lose time throughout the closing process.

  • They lose time inputting the same data multiple times into various software programs.
  • They lose time every time the title agency takes excessive time returning faxes.
  • They lose time when the real estate agent needs finalized paperwork, but all the title agencies are closed.
  • They lose time while the antiquated fax machine slowly chugs away in the corner — it’d be so much faster to do everything digitally.
  • They lose time because title insurance prices are regulated in North Carolina, so many title insurance agencies doesn’t feel the need to provide fast and fantastic service.
  • Let’s be honest. They lose time needing one last coffee break just to get through the monotony.

At the end of the day, that’s a lot of lost time, extra work, and stress.

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Streamline Title Insurance with Tryon Express

Fortunately, there’s a simple solution. Tryon Title has custom-developed Tryon Express, a free online tool that simplifies the process and cuts out the countless tedious tasks involved in processing North Carolina title insurance. Our team created Tryon Express with attorneys and paralegals in mind, to simplify the closing process, making it less stressful and more efficient.

Let’s take a look at each point of lost time mentioned above, and see how Tryon Express streamlines and speeds up the process of closing a real estate deal.

  1. Our Online Platform Saves Data

Tryon Express saves time by providing a platform where data can be input once, then pushed out from that one document to your closing software. Instead of wasting time typing the same information over and over into each document, paralegals just type it once, and it’s saved permanently for all future use!

  1. Tryon Express Offers 15-Minute Response Times

Our title insurance professionals take the paralegal’s time very seriously; in fact, we’ve trained our
underwriters to complete lot lookups in only 15 minutes. Paralegals can be certain our team will respond quickly, respecting their schedule and increasing their productivity. In fact, our automated online tool will provide an immediate response, so the paralegal knows their information has been received and will quickly be reviewed by a title insurance professional.

  1. Tryon Title Stays Open Until 8pm

Long after other title insurance companies have gone home for the day, our team is waiting at the phone for the real estate paralegals who just received that last-minute fax from the agent. We know this is a consistent pain-point in the industry, and we want to change it! So if it’s 6pm and paperwork needs to be finalized, our team is here to answer the call and provide fast and respectful service so paralegals can finish their work and go home for the day!

  1. Forget the Fax – Tryon Express is Digital and Automated

Fax machines are slow and cumbersome. Many industries have already gone fully digital, utilizing online tools, apps, and websites to organize their processes. Our custom-designed web portal allows all work to be saved online, using individual logins to come back to your work later, or send it to search engines and real estate agents, who can access it quickly.
Automated online tools are the future of business, saving countless hours of busy work and streamlining workflow.

  1. Revolutionizing the Title Insurance Industry

With North Carolina title insurance prices regulated, many title insurance companies don’t feel the need to improve their standards. However, our management team passionately believes in identifying problems in the real estate community and developing solutions.

Right now, the title industry is stuck in the past, using slow and outdated processes that cause extra work and more stress than necessary. Paralegals are losing valuable time and productivity, and working late hours when they could be going home sooner. Our management team believes it’s time to bring title insurance processes to the digital age. That’s why we custom-developed Tryon Express with real estate paralegals and attorneys in mind.

Learn More About Our Title Insurance Solution

Our title insurance professionals are passionate about helping real estate paralegals and attorneys find a faster, simpler way to complete closing process. If you’d like to learn more about Tryon Express, our automated online title insurance tool, feel free to learn more here, or give one of our agents a call at 919-277-0123.