North Carolina Title Insurance: Why Choose Tryon Title?

When Chris Corchiani and Mark West first founded Tryon Title, they recognized a few major challenges in the title industry – especially in North Carolina.

First, since North Carolina title insurance prices are regulated, many title insurance companies don’t feel the need to improve their standards. However, our management team does not believe title insurance will always be regulated, and we passionately believe in identifying problems in the real estate community and developing solutions.

Secondly, the title industry is stuck in the past, using slow and outdated processes that often cause extra work. Why, for example, do so many real estate companies still rely on fax machines, when we have technology for web portals, which save time and cut out tedious data entry? Our team was founded on the belief that it’s time to bring title insurance processes to the digital age.

In a state where regulated pricing makes every title company look just like the next, how can a real estate attorney or paralegal determine which offers the best deal?

1. Our team offers a 15-minute turn around

Several members of our team were once real estate paralegals themselves – so we understand exactly how it feels to get stuck waiting for underwriters to get back to you, while the lender, attorney, and buyer each call you for updates. Our team of title insurance professionals can complete a lot lookup in 15 minutes or less. So take a moment to get a cup of coffee and catch your breath — but get back quick, because we’ll have your response waiting for you!

In fact, our automated online tool will provide an immediate response, so the paralegal knows their information has been received and will quickly be reviewed by a title insurance professional.

2. Tryon Title Stays Open Until 8pm

Long after other title insurance companies have gone home for the day, our team is waiting at the phone for the real estate paralegals who just received that last-minute fax from the agent. We know this is a consistent pain-point in the industry, and we want to change it! So if it’s 6pm and paperwork needs to be finalized, our team is here to answer the call and provide fast and respectful service so paralegals can finish their work and go home for the day!

3. Our web portal brings title insurance to the digital age

The real estate and title insurance industries have been slow to catch up with technological advances — with many companies still using slow fax machines, and spending tedious time on repetitive tasks and data entry. Our team hopes to take title insurance fully digital, utilizing online tools, apps, and and websites to organize our processes.

That’s why we built Tryon Express, a custom-designed web portal for our customers. Tryon Express allows all work to be saved online, using individual logins to save your work. Just enter your data once, and from there it can be easily sent to attorneys, lenders, buyers, developers — the whole closing team! This portal streamlines workflow, saving countless hours of busy work, and taking away at least one monotonous task off your to-do list.

4. Our team is local

How ‘bout that Wolfpack? Before starting Tryon Title, co-founder Chris Corchiani played basketball for NC State in the early 1990’s, finishing his career in 5th place on the NCAA’s all-time steals list before being selected by Orlando Magic in the NBA draft.

Mark West, our other co-founder, also graduated from NC State. His passion for the Triangle community extends beyond title insurance; he is an active member and sponsor for Wake County Habitat for Humanity and sits on the board for Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Triangle.

Our team is just another part of the neighborhood, and we care deeply about benefiting the businesses in our community. That’s why we train our title insurance specialists to go above-and-beyond, to add value for all our local real estate attorneys and paralegals.

5. But our team is also statewide

We picked the name Tryon Title in honor of Governor William Tryon, who served North Carolina in the late 1700’s and during the Revolutionary War. From Tryon Palace on the coast to the small town of Tryon near the mountains, his name is spread across the Carolinas — just like our service!

Tryon Title works hard to serve our neighbors across the state with quality commercial and residential titling services. In fact, no matter which of North Carolina’s 100 counties you live in, you can find us in your community!

Learn More About Our Title Insurance Solution

Our local title insurance professionals are excited to help serve our neighborhood real estate attorneys and paralegals. If you’d like to learn more about Tryon Express, our automated online title insurance tool, or just test our 15-minute turnaround time, give us a call at 919-277-0123.