3 Things Every Realtor Should Know About North Carolina Title Insurance

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Buying a property—whether it’s commercial or residential—is a huge financial undertaking. That’s why it’s so important for property owners to protect their real estate investment with a title insurance policy. North Carolina title insurance is a crucial step in protecting your investment for the long term.

If you work with clients as a real estate agent, you should keep yourself up to date on the latest trends and laws regarding North Carolina title insurance. We’re a longstanding North Carolina title insurance agency and we want to partner with you to ensure your clients have the best experience possible.

So, here are three things every real estate agent needs to know about North Carolina title insurance.

It Protects Your Clients

Put simply, a title insurance policy protects the property owner’s rights to own that property.

Whenever you purchase a property, that property’s title will need to be transferred over to you. If something is wrong with the title that could harm the new owner financially, their title insurance policy is there to ensure they don’t lose their financial investment.

Unfortunately, a lot of things can go wrong when a property title is transferred. For example, if a previous owner of the property had a huge debt with their roofing contractor, that contractor may have put a lien on the property. Even if the original owner no longer lived there, without title insurance the new owner would be responsible for paying it.

With title insurance, however, the new owner won’t be held financially responsible for the previous owners’ lien.

It Provides Long-Term Peace of Mind

When it comes to property title issues, something can come up at any time—even years after you purchase the property!

That’s why title insurance is so valuable. It protects your investment for the entire amount of time that you own the home. Best of all, this protection comes at a relatively low cost—just 0.5% of the property’s purchase price.

Its Regulations and Policies Differ by State

Every state has different policies regarding title insurance. That’s why we highly recommend finding a title insurance agency with experience assisting real estate agents in North Carolina.

North Carolina title insurance has its own unique regulations and requirements. For more information, consider checking out the North Carolina Consumer’s Guide to Title Insurance or giving us a call here at Tryon Title.

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