• How Are Title Insurance Prices Regulated In NC?

    You’re a property buyer with two clear questions: what is title insurance and how are title insurance prices regulated in NC? Opening the doors to your new home or business should be a relief. An smart buyer is a happy buyer. You are required to have title insurance in North Carolina, so we at Tryon … Continue reading “How Are Title Insurance Prices Regulated In NC?”

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  • What is title insurance? (The answer could save your home)

    A title insurance policy may be the sole reason you’ll escape a world of legal home ownership headaches. Purchasing a home normally goes with few major hitches, but not always. You pay tens of thousands for your dream home, but later discover someone else legally owns your home. Sounds like a nightmare? You bet, it … Continue reading “What is title insurance? (The answer could save your home)”

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  • Why smart property buyers are using an independent title service

    During a property purchase in North Carolina, you’re going to need a great independent title service to avoid any nasty surprises in your future. When legal records have errors or discrepancies, you need to be protected against any unexpected claims to your land. With problems in documentation being easily overlooked, title insurance is the ultimate … Continue reading “Why smart property buyers are using an independent title service”

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  • Why you should have title insurance in North Carolina

    Without title insurance in North Carolina, the purchase of property has a ton of hidden legalities that could damage your ownership. Fortunately for you, ttle insurance is available on your property title. Like all insurance, it can truly feel like just another expense to dig into your wallet. However, this option is present to protect … Continue reading “Why you should have title insurance in North Carolina”

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    Homebuyers are often overwhelmed by the long list of services that accompany a real estate purchase. Title reports, appraisals, home inspections, flood determination, credit reports, tax determination and surveys are all necessary to reassure everyone involved in the transaction that the property is marketable, insurable and deemed a worthy investment by the consumer as well as their lender.

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  • How Errors in Public Records Can Affect Your Home’s Title

    Although the property you just purchased is new to you, it has a history, and sometimes, these histories can include unwanted baggage. During a real estate transaction’s closing process, a title search on the property is completed to determine whether there are title defects that can have an effect on the purchase.

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  • Insurability Versus Marketability

    It’s a question we regularly receive: how is a property’s insurability different from its marketability? These two terms, both widely used in the transactional real estate industry (but rarely used anywhere else), are in fact nearly identical in their meanings. It’s no surprise they are so easily confused.

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    October 3, 2015, heralded in a huge change for the mortgage industry. It became the implementation deadline for some of the largest changes the industry had seen in decades. The TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure Rule (TRID) was enacted by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in order to make the borrowing process more transparent and understandable.

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