Independent Title Services Will Save You Time, Money, and Energy: Here’s Why

After spending lots of time researching the market, saving money, and going on house tours, the last thing you’d want is a headache trying to get your property title insured. When you’re purchasing homeowner’s insurance, you can decide who goes about your title search. Choosing independent title services can save you time, money, and energy.

Before digging deeper, here are some basics about how title insurers function, and why title insurance is important to have.


During the title search, the title insurer will examine public documents to verify the ownership of a particular property. A clean title will allow for a more seamless real estate transaction.
There are many cases in which the property you are trying to buy has a previous owner who may have forged a title, skipped taxes, or done something that muddied the waters. That’s what title searchers are trying to find so that these problems can be addressed.
Underwriting addresses all these problems. When underwriting, the insurer aims to find and fix any problems in the ownership of your title.
Owner’s title policies can protect you against many things, including conflicting wills, encroachments, unpaid taxes or child support by the previous owner, code violations by the previous owner, property deed errors, and so much more. If anyone goes after your property title after closing, title insurance will keep you protected.
Title companies or title agencies employ the people who conduct these processes. Among the biggest US title companies are First American Corporation, Fidelity National Mortgage, and more. Title searchers work for these big companies, who encourage their employees to prioritize the company’s needs. Title agencies carry out work for companies by performing the title services. They are also encouraged to put the company’s needs first. Typically, title companies link up financially with title agencies.
Independent title agencies differ because they do not have to prioritize a partnering company over all else. This is because they are not financially linked to any particular title company. When going independent, you avoid the potential clashing interests that can occur when working with a company that financially relies on partnerships, rather than their strong customer base. Here are all the benefits to choosing independent title services, and how they save you time, money, and energy.

Independent title services save you time

Independent title agencies are more local than larger title agencies. There are simply more of them out there, which means there may be one close to where you live. This means you likely won’t have to waste time traveling far to pay them a visit.

Since independent title services are smaller in size, you will not be lost in a sea of other customers. Your experience will be more personalized and efficient. The process is quicker with independent title services, since you won’t have to search for the best deal on your own. You’ll get a customized experience and help in finding the title insurer that works for you. Independent title insurance agencies give you many more options because their goal is to find the best title company for your situation and your budget.

Independent title services save you money

You can save hundreds of dollars by deciding to go with independent title services. Independent title agencies are closer with their customers, and emphasize finding the absolute best price for their insurance.
You also get the best of both worlds. Independent title services are not financially linked to companies, mortgage brokers, banks, real estate firms, etc. However, they often work with many different title companies. As a result, they have access to the data that will help you save as much money as possible.
Your real estate agent may recommend a specific title company. Often title companies will partner with real estate brokers, and have higher fees attached to that. The goal of independent title services is to save you money and avoid excess costs.

Independent title services save you energy

Since independent title services are not financially linked to larger companies, they rely on their customer relationships and morale. You can rest easy knowing an independent title agency is going to prioritize your needs when making decisions.
Also, since independent title services are more local, you may personally get to know the team that is handling your title. The added benefit of trust makes independent title services a breath of fresh air.

Choose independent title insurance

Independent title services give you a well-rounded perspective on your purchases and save you some of the most precious things in life: time, money, and energy. When going independent, you get the expertise and trust of a local agency team as well as multiple insurance possibilities to choose from. Explore your local independent agency options today to find a service that has your best interests at heart.
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